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Palo Santo – The LIT mini Cartridge (.8 mL) by 5:1 Formulas – A Personal Aroma Therapeutic Inhaler Cartridge – Wonderful For Grounding And Centering

Palo Santo vapor does exactly what its smoke and its bark can do. One drag from a Palo Santo cartridge can help lift the spirits, balance the immune system, and center your mind. All pre-loaded cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and therefore free of factory contaminants. To use, simply screw the cartridge onto the battery and inhale. For best results exhale through the nose, do not inhale rapidly, and do not inhale while tilting the 5:1 LIT Mini cartridge upside down. Due to the organic nature of our juice you may notice, and enjoy, subtle variations of flavor depending on temperature conditions and the herbs being vaporized. Allowing the mist to be inhaled and held in the lungs will increase the medicinal effect of each formula. To refill, pull the black mouthpiece off of the cartridge, remove the tiny blue stopper and add more liquid. To remove the formula from the cartridge use a syringe. Always be sure to insert the blue stopper immediately after refilling the cartridge. We at 5:1 Formulas take great pride in creating what we believe to be the worlds healthiest vaporizer formulas.


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