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3 PC. Starter Legacybox

Legacybox restores value to that which has been devalued by time and technology. Every part of Legacybox was carefully created to make preserving your aging collection of memories easy and convenient.At Legacybox we transfer home movies to digital and DVD. How It Works: Fill your Legacybox with all of your home movies and pictures. Any format in your collection, from VHS tapes to 3″ reel to reel film to cassette tapes, Legacybox can handle it. When your Legacybox is ready, just hand it to your mail man. Every kit includes a pre-paid shipping label, giving you free round-trip shipping. You’ll receive a notification of its delivery and regular email updates on your order throughout the digitizing process. In just a few weeks, you’ll receive your memories back on DVDs and digital files, ready to share and enjoy. Frequently Asked Questions: What can I digitize? We convert all formats of VHS, camcorder tapes, reel to reel movie film, slides, photo prints, cassette tapes. You name it, we can digitize it. Including: VHS VHS-C MiniDV MicroMV Betamax Hi8 8mm Digital 8 Video 8 Pictures & Photos Slides Negatives Film Reels (16mm & 8mm) Cassettes, CD’s and Reel to Reel Audio Where are they processed? Every order is processed at our state-of-the-art processing facility in Chattanooga, TN. Your order is processed by our highly-trained technicians, never outsourced. Is it safe? Yes. We are experts in conversion, creating over 1 million DVDs since 2001. We’re trusted by schools, large companies, and BBB accredited. We use the latest in order tracking, asset tagging, and barcoding to ensure every memory is kept safe. How long does it take? Orders take around two weeks to process once your order has been received. You’ll receive personalized updates throughout the entire process.


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  1. There is only one thing that keeps Legacy Box from getting a 5-star rating, but it’s a VERY serious problem… First, the good: The empty box was nicely organised, and it was easy to label and ship. The order page was updated regularly for each step of the process, making it easy to keep track of the conversion. The returned box was carefully packed, and all of my original media was in good condition. The conversion was excellent, and I was initially very happy with the entire experience. 

  2. Buyer Beware — Your privacy and your movies aren’t protected! Buyer Beware! I sent off my movies and divided them into three separate orders in case something bad happened. I got all of my movies back, but I also have someone’s baby shower from circa 1984 on my CD and thumbdrive. Makes me wonder if someone else has my movies too. Fortunately they are all G-rated and nobody in them is the least bit famous. My cousin sent off 24 reels this past month (July 2016) to be digitized and despite the whole bar code, fancy pre-paid shipping box hoopla the…

  3. Memories of my son ERASED!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I have used them 1 time prior . I was very pleased with first experience so I decided to send 3 of my son’s baby tapes to be converted.( I had sent one baby tape the first time) I received 2 messages from legancybox..the first to say they received them August 17 and the second saying they were sending , August 22. I was so excited to see the box , there was 3 cd’s labeled the same as my tapes.then I looked at the tapes that was sent and it had s label on it that…


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