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Four Piece Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder, 42 mm diameter (1.65″)

This item is made of super strong aircraft grade aluminum. Excellent and smooth grinding guaranteed. teeth are razor sharp. the screens are very tight. You cannot go wrong in buying this excellent grinder.


3 thoughts on “Four Piece Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder, 42 mm diameter (1.65″)

  1. love it I use mine everyday, works like a charm. spins smoothly and lightly magnetic to hold top on. my favorite part is the *ahem pollen screen, it collects some high grade kief very tasty and potent as hell. had it over a year and still works like new! i definitely recommend this grinder over any other grinder i have used definitely worth more than its sold for on here, it is kinda small though…

  2. Get real, It’s a $5.40 Grinder If you buy w/o prime you can get this thing for a little over $5 shipped. When you receive it the first thing you should do is disassemble it and then put it into a small tuperware dish with hot water and soap. This will free up any loose metal in the grinder. Then spray it down with the sprayer on your sink to push away any debris. Use a sponge too, it helps to get rid of anything. Rinse it off, then let it dry. 

  3. Does the job superbly, without making you feel silly about cost! Simply, the grinder is solid and most importantly, all the pieces are well milled, fit and screw together EASILY, TIGHTLY, and w/o sticking or need to force – it’s well made. The very top simply slips on/off, rather than screwing. At first I thought a screw-on would be better. Learned quickly the top does not slip off, at all, and is easier to twist open. 


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