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200 Pieces Pipe Screens Brass Screens Filters, Premium 1/2 Inch Pipe Filters with Free Box by Nesohyy

200 Pieces Pipe Screens Brass Screens Filters, Premium 1/2 Inch Pipe filters with Free Box by Nesohyy

These pipe screens of round shape, each screen diameter is 1/2 inch,
made of premium thick gauge of brass . Durable brass material allows
you to use it for long tome. Even better, the high quality construction
allows you to trim down the screen to fit any size pipe without leaving
frayed edges. And Our pipe screens help prevent the hot ash and embers
from getting into your mouth and are also used to decrease residue buildup.
By the way, we provide you a free box to pack these filters,
hoping to bring you more convenience.

-Materiel: Brass
-Diameter: 1/2″ (0.5″)
-Color: Gold
-Quantity:200pcs pipe screens

Package includes:
-200 x Premium Brass Pipe Screens 1/2 inch with a Closed bag
-1 x Storage Box, Free

Small items, please keep away from kids in case of swallowing.

Worry-Free Warranty:
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to off you a fully satisfied solution.
Our belief is that customer first. So, we will do everything we can to protect your interest.

Product Features

  • 【The best choice】Pipe Screens Made of premium thick gauge of brass, it is sturdy and resistant to rust, easy to use, clean and sterilized, extremely durable and uses several times longer than other fragile screens.
  • 【Special design】20% thicker than a normal pipe screens, but flexible and easy to install into your pipe. Effectively keeps the air flowing meanwhile preventing dirt, harmful ash does not pull out of the pipe.
  • 【Quality Craftsmanship】The brass screens for pipes which made by a factory 15 years of experience in metal processing have very neat cutting edges so they won’t break apart with the edges like other screens.
  • 【Humanized consideration】The premium pipe screens are encased within a clear plastic pouch in a tin box. A cheap baggy but does the job of keeping other items being carried in the tin separated from the screens
  • 【Lifetime Guarantee】We are committed to giving our customers 100% satisfaction with our products and shopping experience. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

3 thoughts on “200 Pieces Pipe Screens Brass Screens Filters, Premium 1/2 Inch Pipe Filters with Free Box by Nesohyy

  1. Great quality and value Didn’t know what to expect ordering this item on amazon. The screens are very good quality and they exceeded my expectations. The picture is very accurate and all the screens look like gold and new. Also comes in the carrying box with a bag that keeps the screens together. I was used to paying $1 for 5 screens this is s great deal and bang for your buck. I highly recommend this to anyone who hates wasting flower and cleaning pieces every week. I would definently order again in the future.

  2. Work well The screens work very well and cut easily when I needed to trim them down. Taking off one star because I ordered the brass screens, but received the silver ones which are cheaper. I figure this happened because an automatic 5% coupon applied at checkout, which brought my total down to $5.69 which is the price of the silver screens. Overall, I’m sure both screens are exactly the same just different colors, so the essence of the product didn’t change. Still, I should’ve gotten what I ordered…

  3. Same as what I buy at my smoke shop, but SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive. This is exactly as advertised. These screens are the same thing that I buy at my smoke shop, but SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive.My order came with a bent up case (probably occurred during shipping), but the product is still as advertised and saves me $$$.


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